Monday, December 24, 2012

Using a gym bag as a diaper bag... the ultimate re-purpose

One thing I will never understand is the idea of the designer diaper bag! Nothing like throwing used burp rags, and poop-exploded onesies into a $300 dollar coach bag. Plus, lets be honost you'd rather have your hubby carry the bag but the massive diamond studded man purse just isn't a good look on him. So, here is my solution. GYM BAG!!!

I used a small gym bag for our 20 month old. It has a shoulder strap to be worn as a messenger bag or zip out straps to become a backpack, which works great for hanging on the stroller handles. The fabric is tough and versatile, easily washable and the bag zips all the way closed. There is a place for a water bottle which doubles as a sippy cup holder and pockets for storing diapers, cream, wipes etc.

Here are some pics of my bag

One other feature that makes an amazing diaper bag feature...
shoe side pocket!!! shut the front door.... a place to shove all the dirty baby crap in the bag that keeps it isolated and is easy to clean. AMAZING.

My friend has two kids under 2yrs and was recently carrying 3 diaper bags!!! Seriously. She had one for each kid since they have different needs and because her boys are messy she had a third bag that she  used to throw the dirty crap in.

I bought her this bag as a present.

It's amazing. What a simple thought for re purposing. 

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